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Rouhani Seeks Civilian Support For February Election
There is no legitimate candidate in sight for the forthcoming February elections in Iran. It is being reported that Iran’s hardline Guardians Council

Rouhani Asks For Release Of Civilian Protestors As Gasoline Price Hike Protests Continue In Iran

After over two weeks of violent clashes over a gasoline price hike in Iran, President Hassan Rouhani has asked for the release of innocent unarmed civilians.

Iran has been reeling under dissatisfaction over bad governance. On November 15, the Iran government increased the prices of gasoline by 300 percent sending waves of fears over almost 100 cities. Most of Iran is a poor country, where people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. Most youths do not have jobs and there is virtually no self-sustained economy.

Civilians have been asking for the clerical leaders to step down. However, the Iranian clerical rules have comfortably pinned the blame of the outburst on “thugs” linked to its opponents in exile (Qatar for example) and the country’s main foreign foes like the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia to name a few.

Speaking through its own channels, chief commander of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards Hossein Salami spoke out words of wisdom. He has been seen to be the main person instrumental in twisting the minds of Iraqi governance leading to civil disobedience which has gripped Iraq right now.

“The aim of our enemies was to endanger the existence of the Islamic republic by igniting riots in Iran … But America and the Zionist regime (Israel) lack political wisdom about Iran and Iranians,” boasted Hossein Salami.

Tehran refuses to share statistics but according to Amnesty International, the death toll in Iran has crossed a 200 mark.

Struggle for survival has been difficult for Iranians since U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from Tehran’s nuclear deal along with six world powers and also re-imposed sanctions that have further crippled Iran’s oil-based economy.

Iran refuses to budge despite the despicable condition of its own people and has refused dialogue at every possible forum with US representatives, terming it as a pressure tactic by the Americans to sway everything in their favour.

Iran holds a position that dialogue is possible only when America lifts up its sanctions and ends a kind of ‘economic terrorism’ tactic it is using against Iran.

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