Rohingya Abscond Refugee Camps in Bangladesh As Myanmar Prepares to Admit Back Refugees into the Country

A huge number of Rohingya Muslim families whose name are within the list of refugees who are ready to be deported to Myanmar at the end of this week. However, the fear of being send back to their home country has lead to many Muslim families escaping from the camps in Bangladesh. Even though Myanmar is ready to receive the Rohingya Muslims, the latter is not at all ready.
Abdus Salam, a Rohingya leader of the Jamtoli camp, which is just 25 miles southeast of Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh, stated that most of the families have run away to other camps so that they don’t get identified and is forcibly deported to Myanmar against their wish. One refugee even stated that people are so afraid that they are not even attending the Friday prayers at the mosque.
The deportation of the first batch of 2000 refugee is set to start from 15th November and Myanmar officials stated that they were ready to receive the refugees. Win Myat Aye, Myanmar’s Minister for Social Welfare and Resettlement stated that it totally depends on the other nation if the initiative actually becomes fruitful.
Around 20 Rohingya refugees whose names are within the list of likely returnees presented by Bangladesh stated that they are afraid to return to the western Rakhine state. On the other hand, Bangladesh state that they won’t force anyone to return to Myanmar and has urged the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to ascertain if the shortlisted candidates are willing to return. Firas Al-Khateeb, a representative of UNHCR in Bangladesh, informed that this endeavor hadn’t started yet.
The United Nations has stated that till date the conditions are not yet secure for the refugees return, it’s because Myanmar Buddhists have been complaining against the return of Rohingya.
The UNHCR mentioned that refugees should be allowed to go and see the conditions in their own eyes so that they can decide if they want to return to Myanmar or not Abul Kalam, Bangladesh Relief and Repatriation Commissioner stated that he was optimistic about the process which would commence from Thursday.

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