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Right Activist Request for UN Probe on China’s Xinjiang Camps
Right Activist Request for UN Probe on China’s Xinjiang Camps

Right Activist Request for UN Probe on China’s Xinjiang Camps

On Monday (4th February) right campaigners requested European and Muslim countries to take the initiative in starting a UN perobe into China’s detention and what they state as mandatory indoctrination of up to one million Uighurs and other Muslims in Xinjiang province.

Beijing, which is facing increasing international concern over its “de-extremism” program for the Muslims in its far western province, stated that it would welcome U.N. officials if they eluded gatecrashing in domestic matters.

Rights group which includes Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International pleaded to the United Nations Human Rights Council, which would be starting its main annual session on 25th February, to send an international fact-finding mission to Xinjiang.

Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, stated that the abuse is so harsh in Xinjiang today that it calls for international measures. He even stated that the aim of thos arrest is to delete the ethnic and religious identities of Turkic Muslims and certify their allegiance to only the Communist Party, the Chinese government, and towards President) Xi Jinping.

China dismisses such charges. In January, Beijing arranged a visit to three facilities, which it considers as vocational education training centers, for foreign reporters. In the centers, basically Turkic-speaking Uighur students were being taught in Mandarin about the hazrads of Islamist ideas.

Activists stated that one million Uighurs, Kazakhs and other Muslim minorities almost 10% of Xinjiang’s total population, are being held in mass detention centers and they are being stripped of any lawful rights and exposed to mistreatment.

Kumi Naidoo, secretary-general of Amnesty International, stated tht presently Xinjiang has become an open-air prison – a place of Orwellian high-tech surveillance, forced cultural assimilation, political indoctrination, forceful arrests and disappearances have forced the ethnic minorities to become strangers in their very own land.

China stated that it is protecting the religion and culture of the ethnic minorities and that security steps in Xinjiang are required to combat groups that invoke violence in Xinjiang.

China is presently a member of the 47-nation Geneva forum, where it often leads resistance to starting scrutiny into charges of rights abuses in specific nations.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which serves as the collective voice of the Muslim world, worked along with the European Union to start a U.N. body and come up with proper evidence of crimes committed against Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar, which includes possible genocide, and possible expel.

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