Residents Belonging to Last Rebel Stronghold express Their Hatred for All Sides

People of Idlib, have expressed their hatred against all sides who are involved in this Syrian War. Ahmad Abu Omar (name changed) a resident of Idlib commented that the people of Idlib hate everyone who is in power.
Idlib is the only remaining garrison of the Iran-backed rebels. The rebels are involved in a deadly battle with the overthrown government of Syria.
He even added that around 3 million people of Idlib not only fear the return of the government forces to power; however, the people area equally apprehensive and belligerent towards the armed opposition groups who are ruling group. The ruling group not only created chaos but also spread violence. He feels that Russia and Turkey who are trying to enforce a ceasefire accord in order to avoid a government assault in the province, are working for their sole interest.
Antagonism towards the government in Damascus is still great; similar bitterness is also present towards the opponents. Previously, the youths took interest to fight against the opposition forces but now things have changed. Religious belief can no longer instigate people to fight for those who are in control.
The terms of the accord reached by Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan points out clearly that Turkey and Russia are the supreme powers in northwest of Syria. Both nations have established demilitarized zones in order to keep the opposition and Syrian government forces disconnected.
Residents of the city are doubtful about the motives of the foreign and local players in Idlib; however, they are thankful that a new round of battle has been avoided for the moment.
Another daily laborer of Idlib doesn’t like the ongoing rule by opposition militias. He doesn’t want the Syrian government to rule them; instead he would love the Turkish to rule them.


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