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Report Shows Chile Refusing to Sign UN Pact Stating Migration Is Not a Human Right

The latest nation to withdraw from the controversial United Nations migration pact is Chile. Chile’s interior ministry signaled this move; thereby, vexing anger among opposition parties who charged the government of Sebastian Pinera for carrying out disgraceful and authoritarian conduct.


Rodrigo Ubilla, Chile’s Interior Ministry sub-secretary briefed local news daily that the nation’s representatives won’t be a part of the event that is slated nearly next week in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh. The event has been organized so that the countries adopt the UN migration pact. He added that the country stands firm to their decision and echoed the view that migration is not a human right. He added that nations hold the right to regulate the entry conditions for foreign citizens.


Basically, the migration pact focuses on issues like ways to protect people who are migrating, harmonize migrants into new nations, or deport them to their home nations.


It is non-confining but has met violent opposition from governments which includes the United States, Hungary, Austria, and Poland. These countries are declaring that the pact has been encouraging migration.


If proved, Chile’s denial to sign would mirror its toughening posture towards migrants whose population has increased by fivefold in 30 years amidst huge inflow from Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Colombia, among the other Latin nations.


Pinera’s centre-right government came to power in March on a pledge to impose tough measures. In recent months, it has enforced toughened visa controls of the deportation flights for Haitian immigrants and even expelled migrants having criminal records.


Ricardo Lagos Weber, the president of the foreign affairs commission for Chile’s senate, called for foreign minister Roberto Ampuero to discuss on the closed-door decision. A human rights lawyer and also lawmaker for Chile’s Communist Party, Hugo Gutierrez, tweeted that Chile was propelling down the ultraright path of Trump, Bolsonaro, and Netanyahu.


Amnesty International stated that the decision was distressing. Chile was an integral part of this pact’s bargaining and was regarded to be one of the states who are favoring the enforcement.

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