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Refugee Children Learn Social Distancing Through Puppets
This puppet show teaches refugee kids about social distancing

Refugee Children Learn Social Distancing Through Puppets

Amidst the dilapidated buildings and threat to life all over, Syrian children have found a childish way of learning how to keep themselves safe of the Corona Virus.

Volunteers have descended the camp for displaced Syrians where children are found in large numbers. In an attempt to teach them about social distancing, they arranged paintings and puppet shows in the camp recently. This was primarily in Maarat, Marin of Syria.

Thousands of Syrian refugees are now flocking back wanted to desert the camps near the Turkish border, in fear of contracting the coronavirus. The Idlib province has now seen some days of peace since last month and the displaced Syrians feel they would be safer back there.

So far, no cases of infection have been reported in Northwestern Syria, which is still being held by rebels. The humanitarian workers have been trying to maintain calm and teach children about washing hands and maintain a safe distance from each other. But the psychological effect of civil war makes it very difficult for the displaced lot to maintain social distance.

It is asking for too much for people who don’t have a place to stay and basic medical and sanitation facilities to be able to feel prepared to handle the pandemic. It is a fact facing humanity in the face that constant conditions of civil war in Syria and other parts of the world where displaced refugees adding up to more than 70 million people are difficult to be protected from the highly contagious coronavirus. It is a gigantic task at hand.

Most of these people have no houses, no infrastructure and their nutritional needs are compromised. Their immune systems are extremely fragile. The onus for the survival of such refugees falls on the shoulders of the United Nations and aid organizations. In the Middle East itself, millions of people forced to flee due to the war in Syria, the fight against the Islamic State, and other conflicts remain displaced in camps, informal settlements, and overcrowded or unfinished buildings.

In Iraq too, there are more than 1.5 million displaced people. One tent is home to more than 10 families. The authorities are forced to spray disinfectants in mass quantity on the tents itself. Camps in Kurdish regions have been sealed for movement. In Jordon too, camps have been sealed. The future of those living in camps is uncertain. While the middle eastern refugee camps have not reported any cases, one positive infected person is enough for the catastrophic spread of the infection. The situation might put a theory of the sociologists to test; something that Netherlands and UK were almost going to use as their defense mechanism against the virus spread- herd immunity.

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