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Qatar friends with Iran

Qatar’s friendship with Iran

Qatar’s support to the Muslim Brotherhood, and its proximity to Iran no longer a secret, Qatar openly supports Iran, it stood against us sanctions to the Iran oil exports and even increased flights to Iran despite US sanctions.

The Qatari airline has launched two weekly flights to Isfahan (central Iran) and has multiplied those to Shiraz (southwest) and Tehran.

Qatar and Iran have a lot in common, and support finance and fund the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist groups in the middle east and Europe.

But lately, the close cooperation and friendship of Iran and Qatar are more public.

The prince of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, personally thanked Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday for Tehran’s support for his country in the crisis.

In June 2017, – Bahrain, Egypt. Etc. – broke off relations with Qatar, accusing them of funding extremist groups. and blame it for the rapprochement with Iran.

The prince also thanked him for helping to “reduce the economic impact of the embargo, especially by opening up its airspace and territorial waters”

Qatar doesn’t respect or care about the sanctions addressed against Iran, a country that is increasing tensions in the Middle East through the actions of its proxies in neighboring countries, its uranium-enrichment program, its violation of international law, its provocation of sectarian strife, and the continuation of the its destructive role throughout the region.

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