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Hate App
Hate App

Qatari Developed ‘Hate App’ Comes in Top 100 Download List

Continuing to create chaos and unrest in the world, another Qatari national has been linked with developing a “hate app” that was getting hugely downloaded from the Apple and Google Play store.

Linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, this app had been in the top 100 downloads in the third of European countries since its launch in April 2019. Termed as The Euro Fatwa app is known to be created by the European Council for Fatwa and Research, a Dublin private foundation set up by Yusuf Al Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Qaradawi, it is confirmed, has had the sole intent of spreading hate and unrest through the app. He has been linked to terrorist factions who have incited many people to kill and destroy their countries. He is also known to have issued fatwas of anti-Semitic nature, saying “kill them all until the last”. Most of his fatwas issued would mean suicide attacks.

It is no wonder then that his presence is banned from the US, UK and France for carrying such extremist views. But what is surprising is that his negative pursuits are being fanned by social media and is going unchecked.

“What makes Qaradawi unique from other extremists are the ways in which his presence is condoned by social media, specifically through Facebook and Twitter’s verified user checkmark,” said Counter-Extremism Project researcher Joshua Fisher-Birch earlier this year speaking to the media.

The description of the app is misleading. It has been touted as a “simplified and concise Fiqh [Islamic jurisprudence] guide” to help Muslims adhere to Islam, critics, such as Germany’s security service, say the app is instead a “radicalisation tool”.

While Google Play has responded to popular claims by closing this program, which is contrary to human values, Apple still needs to take corrective action. That this Qatari national is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood is a fact that cannot be denied anymore.

By U.J.M

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