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Qatar taking power in Copenhagen's Grand Mosque, Denmark rejects

Qatar taking power in Copenhagen’s Grand Mosque, Denmark rejects

According to the“Berlingske”, Qatar has taken control of the Hamad Bin Khalifa Civilization Center, a mosque in Rovsingsgade, Denmark, which has received nearly a quarter of a billion in donations from Doha. The Qatari regime has now been firmly in power at the Copenhagen Grand Mosque Hamad Bin Khalifa Civilization Center, in Rovsingsgade.

The newspaper evidenced that the fund behind the mosque’s Board of Directors has been replaced, so that of the five members,three actually are from Qatar.Removing the criticists, now Qatar has an absolute majority. One of the new Board’ members is Shahen al-Ghanim,former director of endowments in Qatar.

The Great Mosque in Rovssinggade has already a close connection to Doha. The report show that organizations affiliated with Qatar have donated at least 227 million Danish kroner, equivalent to 34 million US dollars,to the Copenhagen Store Fund, which manages the mosque.Information on Qatar’s funding to the Center in Denmark emerged from February and authorities’ investigations revealed that two of the three board members were linked or resident in the Gulf bloody country.

“If you sit on the board of a mosque in Denmark but you live in Qatar, it is clear what interests you are trying to protect. And it is not of Denmark”.The Danish People’s Party spokesman, Pia Kjærsgaard, said to a local Christian newspaper, underlining her concerns about the Qatar’s donations to the Grand Mosque.These staggering revelations are animating the political and social debate in Denmark.

The Qatari leadership openly supports the Muslim Brotherhood, a movement considered terrorist by the majority of Arab countries as the are full of evidences of Doha funding terrorist and extremist groups worldwide.
Danish people strongly rejected the spread of Qatar and its Muslim Brotherhood thought in Denmark.

The Mayor of AarhusJens Henrik Thulesen Dahl has questioned the Danish Minister of Foreigners and Integration Mattias Tesfaye, who affirmed that “the government considers it very serious if forces with a medieval view of democracy, freedom and equality through economic donations try to gain influence in Denmark. Influence that can help to undermine democracy and fundamental freedoms and human rights”.At the same time, the Danish government announced that “it will propose a bill, banning the receipt of donations from certain natural and legal entity”.

In recent years, European countries have raised their guard against suspicious funding through Qatari banks, as for Al Rayan Bank and Mushroom Bank, and Qatar Charity Foundation in financing the Muslim Brotherhood activities in their territories. Europeans constantly ask their governments to take distance from the Doha regime and to make all the efforts to control the flow of money from the Gulf country.

Recently, several democratic and civil organizations, based in the United States, have demonstrated Qatar’s responsibilities in illegal activities such as money laundering to finance terrorist activities of Daesh, al-Qaeda, al-Shabab, Hezbollah and Hamas, peddled for humanitarian projects in collaboration with other countries affiliated to the Brotherhood like Turkey.

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