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Qatar spreads religious extremism in Australia

The Muslim brothers is a virus that proliferated everywhere in the world having good funding and support from countries such as Qatar, which host leaders of this violent and extremist movement and broods them, like el Qaradawi, who preach hatred and violence several terrorist attacks around the world have been claimed by members of the Muslim brotherhood or terrorist groups with close ties to Muslim brotherhood.

The Qatar that finances the Muslim brothers are no longer content to support them in the Middle East and North Africa, today Qatar finances and supports the Muslim brothers in Europe Canada and even Australia, with its so-called humanitarian arm, the QATAR FOUNDATION which is one of the new money transfer and financing bridges in Europe and elsewhere,Most of the Muslim centers that Qatar finances in the West are centers for the teaching of the extremism, violence and brainwashing, a veritable factories of future terrorists. the plan of extremist penetration and religious infection of Qatar in Australia passes through organizations like the Australian Islamic Mission (AIM).

By using the Australian media to make a good image of this organization , the same strategy adopted by Qatar in the United States: buy the media and opinion influencers to create a healthy image of these violent organizations to smoothly spread their venom but the world is no longer fooled by Qatar games especially not Australia The Australian media know and have already reported on the ties that unite the Muslim Brotherhood to the Australian Islamic Mission, the Sydney-based organization.

Four years ago the Australian Islamic Mission made a proposal to build a $ 3 million mosque in the rural area of Bendigo, the fuzzy provenance of funding for this mosque attracted a crowd of protesters unhappy with this new extremist and violent tendencies in their countries (Australia).

Several members of the Australian Islamic Mission have been denied visas for the United States and the United Kingdom, as they are extremist virulent and dangerous but also for their strong ties with the Muslim brotherhood.

In previous years the AIM has organized several conferences, where the principal speaker was none other than Dr. Anas Al-Tikriti, founder of the Cordoba Foundation in the United Kingdom.

The Cordoba Foundation has been spearheading and organizing a number of events with al-Qaida’s veteran recruiter, Anwar AL-Awlaki, who was killed by a drone in 2011.

Al-Awlaki was the September 9th hijackers coach, and NidalMalik Hasan monitor, before this army psychiatrist shoots innocent people at Fort Hood .alawlaki was also linked to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to blow up an American airliner.

Last year, HSBC closed the bank accounts of Al-Tikriti and the Cordoba Foundation for security reasons.AIM’s Victoria Facebook page shared a photo of Muslim Brotherhood leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s book Fiqh al-Zakah with the “Read to Understand” exhortation.

Al-Qaradawi is not the only violent idol of the AIM, there is also Isam al-Bashir who is an important leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan

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