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Qatar should be removed as 2022 World Cup host
Qatar should be removed as 2022 World Cup host

Qatar should be removed as 2022 World Cup host

Qatar managed to win the bid for hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022. However, that decision has proven to be a major issue for human rights organizations and with good reason.
The decision itself was highly controversial. After all, Qatar had no infrastructure for sports at all. In other words, Qatar did not have any experience or infrastructure whatsoever for hosting an event in the scale of a World Cup tournament.  For this reason, Qatar had to invest heavily into getting not only stadiums constructed but also other ancillary infrastructure such as roads etc. For this, Qatar invited hundreds and thousands of migrant workers to get involved in the construction jobs.
Unfortunately, that only led to rampant human rights abuses. Qatar already had a poor reputation in terms of human rights. After winning the bid, that record became even worse.
The migrant laborers were forced to work long hours in the heat without adequate protection or relief. Additionally, in most cases, the laborers were not even given their salaries on time. Many laborers ended up working for months without getting paid anything whatsoever. The migrant laborers were forced to stay in camps that lacked proper living conditions. They were overcrowded and lacked basic amenities.
Of course, no protests are tolerated whatsoever. Hundreds of migrant workers have died but Qatar has not paid any attention to their living conditions or even acknowledged those deaths properly. As such, Qatar must not be allowed to remain the host of the 2022 World Cup.

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