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Al Jazeera
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Qatar network Al Jazeera criticized the film “Holocaust denial”

Al-Jazeera’s youth channel AJ + Arabic drew widespread condemnation for a video called genocide denial for claiming that Jews exaggerated the scale of genocide to help establish Israel.

After the widespread public outrage, the network belonging to Qatar had to wipe out the video and did not have two journalists on the air.

The video did not appeal to the Holocaust but argued that the Jews were distorting the truth about the genocide and that Israel was the biggest winner.

“It is a moral imperative to condemn the Holocaust, but Israel is the biggest winner of the Holocaust,” he said.

”And they use the same Nazi justification as a launch pad for the racial cleansing and destruction of Palestinians.“

Many were angry with the video on Twitter, a commentator pointed to the difference between the Arabic version of AJ + and English.

Al-Jazeera has long been accused of publishing excessive material in Arabic, but in English, it provides a more balanced material for a western audience.

According to a statement on Sunday, the network said it suspended two journalists because it was “contrary to the rules of publication.

”Video content and accompanying publications were quickly erased from all AJ + pages and social media accounts by AJ + top management because they were against the Network’s editorial standards.“

The network also said its employees need a ”mandatory prejudice training and awareness program.

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