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Qatar and Iran Cooperating On Security and Military

According to reports, it has been discovered that Iran and Qatar are cooperating in the fields of security and military. Both nations are entering into agreements with each other and coordinating their efforts.

Sources in Western and American intelligence services believe that Iran has increased its supplies of advanced weaponry to terrorist groups, particularly Hezbollah. However, Iran is not limiting its supplies to basic weapons anymore. It is now providing advanced weapon systems such as components of Global Positioning System. Such components can transform unguided missiles into precision rockets that can strike specific targets with ease. This is certain to increase the threat of the terrorists to Israel among other countries.
According to a news report, a cargo plane believed to carrying such advanced components left Iran and landed in Syria and Qatar before returning. Intelligence sources believe that the components in those shipments were headed to Iranian factories located in Lebanon. At Lebanon, they would be used to create weapons that are more dangerous than what Hezbollah terrorists have currently.
Intelligence agencies in the US, Israel and other western countries have given evidence of similar kinds of weapons factories being operated by Iran in other nations. This includes nations like Yemen and Syria.
Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, presented photos during the UN General Assembly. It is believed that the secret sites shown on those photos are owned by Hezbollah.
Qatar is known for supporting terrorism and extremism. Iran does the same. If they are working together, intelligence agencies need to be wary.

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