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Qatar may have been given an embargo by its neighboring nations, but it has not stopped promoting Islam in its own way

Qatar Indulges In Jew Division As Israel Becomes Aware

Qatar may have been given an embargo by its neighboring nations, but it has not stopped promoting Islam in its own way.

It has been confirmed that it has taken on the role of previously held Saudi Kingdom of promoting Islam. But, unlike the Kingdom, which does not promote radicalism, Qatar’s silent actions have done just the opposite, especially when it comes to defaming the Jewish population in America and Israel.

It has been confirmed that in 2017, Qatar had appointed Nick Muzin, a former deputy chief of staff of the Republican Senator Ted Cruz for lobbying and public relations with the intent of promoting its anti- Jewish agendas.

The small but rich Arab nation paid Muzin’s company Stonington Strategies a whopping $ 300,000 a month for work that focused on building relationships between Qatar and leaders of pro-Israel right-wing organizations and Washington-based policymakers.

Most of Qatar’s PR has been done to either promote itself or the word of Islam. The country has always suffered from a complex of being isolated and ignored in the hands of nations like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Jordon.

In order to forward its own message amongst the Jewish community, Qatar is said to have donated $ 100,000 to the Zionist Organization of America through a business partner Muzin, Joey Allaham.

But it was only later that Morten Klein, president of the American Zionist Organization, had decided to sever ties with Qatar once he felt that the organisation was being led to change its views on the Jewish state.

In the U.S. alone, the Qatar Foundation has given $30.6 million over the past eight years to public schools, ostensibly for teaching Arabic and promoting cultural exchange.

Strangely so, the country’s textbooks have promoted an anti-Semitism sentiment. They present Jews as treacherous and crafty but also weak, wretched and cowardly; Islam is described as inherently superior.

“The Grade 11 text discusses at length the issue of how non-Muslims should be treated,” the Middle East Media Research Institute reports.

“It warns students not to form relationships with unbelievers, and emphasizes the principle of loyalty to Muslims and disavowal of unbelievers.”

In a recent statement, Israeli PM Netanyahu admitted that Qatar was playing a sly game of giving away financial aid to Hamas and Gaza strip inhabitants, all in the guise, of promoting its agenda to keep the Palestinians divided.

At the US led Warsaw Conference, Netanyahu expressed the desire to meet with the Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani. His request was brushed aside on the pretext, that ‘the time was not right’.

Qatar has always avoided open dialogue and discussions over its actions and continues to work on its own agenda attacking communities slyly and silently from within.

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