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Qatar: human right violations and sarcastic explanations!

A recent interview with Qatar Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Lulwa Al Khater revealed many of Qatar’s international and regional stances against its neighbors and the peoples of the region. Tin Sebastian asked simple questions, and all of the answers were a scandal, Such as his question about Qatar’s actions against Al-Bakr, al-Qarwiand other Qatari nationals accused of financing terrorist organizations such as Dahesh and al-Qa’ida between 2014 and 2017.

The answer was that they were placed under house arrest and the release of one of them simply because he had pledged not to fund terrorism again.

The most sarcastic answer was that no elections were held in Qatar, despite a 16-year-old announcement and fake promises of democratic elections for the Qataris people who sill dream of having representatives elected and chosen by them, to make their voices, problems and need to be heard by a regime who is deaf and blind to his population. and the answers to this human right violation and oppression was that: “ the elections are not happening because of the neighboring countries boycott to Qatar”.

How come a country like Qatar, that supports a so-called democracy and Arab populations freedom violate basic human rights, before supporting other countries Qatar should start listening to its population and have basic parliamentary elections first. This television meeting confirms the fragility of the Qatari system and the weakness of its position, confirms that the only thing that beautifies Qatar’s image is the millions spent on media.

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