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Qatar Funded Hezbollah In Thick Of Covid Fight

Qatar Funded Hezbollah In Thick Of Covid Fight

While the world is still trying to come to grips with the silent devastation done by the corona pandemic, Qatar continues to shamelessly fund terrorism.

In a recent revelation, it has been confirmed that Qatar is now funding the sanctioned terrorist group Hezbollah through gold trade in Uganda.
It has made use of gold shipments moved through Uganda to finance arms and ammunitions to the warring group in Lebanon.

According to an Austrian based think tank, Qatari high officials have been said to have coordinated payments to Doha based Hezbollah financers. They have even ensured the latter protection under its wings, something Doha is known to have done in case of Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden militia operatives too.

Strangely, one of the high ranking officials named in a top secret dossier includes Qatar Athletics President Dhalan Al Hamad who was apparently made the vice president of the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) in 2015.

He is also associated to Qatar royal family which has been pulled into various human rights violation charges and is also known to dubiously use the government cover to meet its own agenda of funding terrorism. Hamad, it is confirmed, used gold from Uganda to fund arms and ammunition to the Hezbollah. In the past.

Qatar has made many dubious money transactions through fictitious NGO bank accounts in various European countries, only to be used as cover for terror operatives in those countries to use the funding for carrying out various terror attacks.

Started in 2017, the funding carries a huge network of official settings made through Uganda, Macedonia, Serbia, and Greece reaching off to Beirut. Funding for gold to be bought in Uganda and then moved to Beirut comes from fictitious charities functioning in Qatar itself.

Precious metal dealers Uganda dealt with Serbian companies who bought gold from them to be routed through Cyprus. Weapons were then bought and hidden to be transported by ex- intelligence officers to North Macedonia; all labeled as building materials or local steel goods. The Balkan middlemen worked with Qatar-based clients to ensure the guns were moved first to the Greek port of Thessaloniki and on to Beirut where the militia dominated the port.

It is shocking to know that in 2020 itself Qatari charities Sheikh Eid and the Education Foundation have passed on 500 million dollars to Hezbollah already. They continue to keep up the show of responsible Middle Eastern citizens but continue to fund terrorism across the globe.

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