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Qatar Financed Muslim Brotherhood Spreads Wings in Austria Too

The Muslim Brotherhood is systematically spreading its control all over Europe. A recent report from Austria confirms its strong presence in the beauty of Vienna.

A complete contrast to the architectural wonder this German-speaking nation is, Qatar is confirmedly financing this offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood in Austria.

According to certain Austrian parliamentary documents that have been in discussion with the media, Qatar has been financing activities and institutions of the Muslim Brotherhood organization all over Europe.

It has gradually become clear that the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood has established its footprints in European societies, including Austria, over the past decades, and has a wide network of institutions and agencies that raise its suspicious activities.

The document stresses on a fact that the mere existence of the terrorist organization in Austria is a matter of concern, leave alone suspicion on the workings of Qatar, creating a fissure into the still peaceful country like Austria.

According to Al Ain’s news portal, the first document is dated February 6, 2015. Even before this, Austria has been aware of such activity but has not been able to curtail or prove anything concrete against the Muslim Brotherhood. “We are now in a need for a law to be passed, in order such groups and their allied organizations can be made to disclose their sources of income and funding, into complete transparency,” the report says.

The director of the Center for Extremism at George Washington University, Lorenz Fedino, and the researcher who prepared the Austrian intelligence report on the Brotherhood’s influence in 2014, said that “in terms of external funding, although it is difficult to prove conclusively, there is clear evidence of the receipt of the Muslim Brotherhood in Austria And in Europe in general funding from Qatar and Turkey.”

Qatar continues to quietly but systematically spread its control under the guise of religious reform, and create an atmosphere of unconscious dependency through its financial aids to countries like Pakistan, Sudan and Libya.

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