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Qatar builds stadiums for FIFA over bleeding workers

A wealthy state like Qatar, it is being reported, continues to exploit its working class and refuses to change its tactics, despite intervention for human rights organizations.

Amnesty International has confirmed that most migrant workers are being paid a pittance to build stadiums ahead of the 2022 World Cup. The initial decision of FIFA to award Qatar the World Cup in 2010 was severely criticized; the reasons for which seem have come to light now.

The army of migrant workers is said to be paid merely 82p an hour which doesn’t come anywhere near to the promised pay of £158 each month for a 48 hour working time table. This is the state of migrant workers; worst than those you could imagine in a concentration camp.

Most of these workers have expressed dissatisfaction of not being paid overtime, delayed payments, and despicable living conditions. Qatar had promised to overcome its tactics of exploitation in 2017 when it had capped the minimum salary to QR 750 per month, but reality hasn’t changed too from then.

Reports also claim that in October last year, some employees had gone without pay for months and were owed as much as £4,000.

Amnesty International says migrants are being abused and exploited to work building new stadiums. The charity also suggests that some workers were being subjected to forced labor as well where, the workers in focus are not allowed to change jobs, leave the country and often go without pay for months. There have been reports of 1,200 deaths of workers, but organizers said there have been far less, and have the number at three.

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