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Qatar has blocked the Emirati website, making it difficult for its citizens to travel to the UAE

The UAE asked Qatar to unblock a website that allows Qatar citizens to apply for permission to access the UAE.

The demand was made during the hearing at the ICJ International Court of Justice, held to consider the UAE’s plea that Qatar withdraws a complaint it lodged with the Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, CERD, in Geneva.

Qatar claimed that the UAE has discriminated against its citizens for “racial reasons” in terms of travel and residence restrictions. The UAE also urged Qatar to stop its misuse of national authorities and media outlets to spread lies and disinformation on the UAE and others.

Abdullah Al Naqbi, Director of International Law at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, reaffirmed the country’s respect for international forums and the ICJ. “Qatar is using cheap tricks to fix international forums. First, it should just stop its harmful policies against its neighbors. It should stop funding and promotion of terrorism and instead honor its commitment to the Riyadh Treaty,” he said.

The UAE said in a statement to the ICJ that Qatar has filed many complaints with international organizations, claiming that residents of Qatar have not allowed their travels to the UAE and that their website, which they can apply for their residence permits, has been blocked in Qatar.

“Qatar is playing a game of duplicity in order to increase its disagreement with its neighbors and to distract its global attention from the extremist and Middle Eastern and beyond extremist and terrorist groups from its financing and patronage. Qatar also supports media which includes Al Jazeera to spread lies and false news about the UAE,” he said.

The UAE has asked CERD from ICJ not to accept Qatar’s complaint on March 8th last year, which Qatar also complained to ICJ about a similar complaint. The UAE asked the Court to give temporary orders to protect the country from Qatar’s malicious attempts to manipulate international legal procedures for the capture of its own selfish goals.

The UAE stressed that the real conflict with Qatar is related to the repeated breach of regional and international agreements and its support for terrorist organizations.

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