Qatar with 85 Billion Dollars Backed Terrorism

In a careful examination of the detailed reports of Qatar’s record in backing and financing terrorism since the present regime came to power in 1995, it can be positively asserted that Qatar has spent over $85 billion on terrorism.

This conclusion can be reached by eliminating the figures of many reports that were made on Qatar’s financing for terrorism. However, if these facts and figures are considered, it could add up other tens of billions, even though the data might be erroneous.

It is worth stating that there are also trustworthy and believable reports of the Qatari authorities financing terrorist organizations in various areas; however, the accurate amount of the finance couldn’t be reached.

Well, this analysis might only comprise only 60% of Qatar’s real backing of the terrorist group or even less than that. Thereby, pointing that Qatar’s predicted backing for terrorism from 1995 might have reached $150 billion. Yet, Qatar has given over $85 billion dollar is confirmed.

Documents revealed that Doha has paid $ 65 billion in five years to terrorist groups, mainly between 2010 and 2015.

Qatar also paid close to $ 1 billion to terrorist groups and organizations in Iraq in lieu for freeing 25 Qatari citizens, which consist of nine members of the ruling family, who were kidnapped in Iraq during a hunting trip in 2015. Doha also contributed around $ 700 million to Iranian figures and Shiite rebels endorsed by Tehran in 2015. They also paid $ 600 thousand dollars to Abu Khalid al-Suri, Ayman al-Zawahiri’s envoy in Syria.

Doha also offered support to the Houthis in Yemen with a $ 13 million during its intervention between them and the Yemeni army in 2003. Reports also affirm that Qatar has paid about $ 300 million to terrorist groups aligned with al-Qaeda and the Fatah al-Sham group, and around $ 80 million to Ahrar al-Sham group in Syria for the release of some 50 Shiite militants, and $ 140 million, in order to move the hostages.

Qatar has also paid millions of dollars in hostage swap deals, worth more than $ 1.35 billion, mostly went to pro-Iranian militia leaders. Al-Qaeda also obtained about $ 20 million from Qatar.

Moreover, the Qatari authorities tried to transfer $ 360 million in black bags through its airlines into Baghdad airport to support terrorists in Iraq.

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