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Prosecutor Finds Syrian War Crime Evidences to Be Strongest
Prosecutor Finds Syrian War Crime Evidences to Be Strongest

Prosecutor Finds Syrian War Crime Evidences to Be Strongest

Often, evidence of war crimes are hard to discover as it gets destroyed during the conflict. Moreover, records of the war crimes aren’t kept at all. However, war crimes prosecutor Stephen Rapp stated that in Syria’s case the evidence found are very strong, afterwards Nazi war crimes that took place during the Second World War. Stephen feels that prosecuting the highest rank of the Syrian regime, which includes President Bashar al-Assad, is imminent. He even stated that the group Commission for International Justice and Accountability (CIJA) he manages is working with Syrians inside the nation. It has been able to retrieve over 750,000 pages of documents of the regime. Similarly, like the Nazis, even the Syrian regime takes a note of everything. It is having a security committee, national crisis command centres, and popular committees. The data collected about barbarity is more inclusive than any other regime he has seen from the post-war era, which includes the crimes in Rwanda and Liberia.
CIJA has engaged around 100 Syrians and Iraqis within the nation and also outside the nation. They have ongoing access to former police as well as former lawyers and even to others, who are abreast about the system, know the wording and can place things together.
As per the evidence gathered which includes photographs and videos, revealed that among 800 of the victims, most of them were civilian demonstrators. Most of them have been tortured to death in Syria.
Mr Stephen stated that the proof of torture is gripping. The regime has executed crime either by throwing acid all over the bodies or has gouged out the eyes of the victim. Worst of the regime even captured videos of it.
The ICJ may need to come up with a warrant against the leaders. However, Mr Stephen feels that with other choices for the quest of justice, and cases are being framed against some mid-level individuals embroiled in the acts of torture and killings, as one arrest warrant on the way.

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