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Proof of cooperation between Iran and Al Qaeda

It is a common misconception that Iran’s non-Shiite terrorist groups and militias do not cooperate with the Shiite as the theocratic establishment of Iran. For example, some policy analysts, scholars and politicians continue to support the claim that Tehran and al-Qaeda are not natural allies due to their religious differences. Analyzes of the Iranian regime only from the religion prism are simple.

Tehran, in the region, to divide and conquer Sunni to multiply a sectarian agenda continues. However, the industrial division between the Sunni terrorist groups and the Iranian regime has never been a problem as long as these groups share common strategic and geopolitical interests.

Tehran has always been willing to shake hands with terrorist groups, as long as they can help their revolutionary principles (anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, and opposition to the Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia) to destabilize the region and achieve its hegemony.

Recently, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) ex-spokesman Said Qasemi has surprisingly announced that Tehran sends agents to Bosnia and Herzegovina to train members of al-Qaeda. Tehran’s rulers, acting as humanitarian aid for the Red Crescent in Iran, said that they hide their identity.

Last month, the IRGC was sanctioned as a US terrorist organization. The IRGC is actively involved in financing, financing and promoting terrorism as a tool of the state, said US President Donald Trump. ”The IRGC is the main instrument of the Iranian government in managing and implementing the global terror campaign.“

Surprisingly, the Iranian official, Hussein Allahkaram, who is believed to be one of the operations sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina, said Qasemi had e There was an al-Qaeda branch in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A few ways to us. Even though they weretrained in their own bases, they joined us in various activities when dealing with gun training. ”

In late 2017, the CIA published a cave of 470,000 documents, revealing close ties between Tehran and Al Qaeda. Son al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden advised his followers to reject Tehran and noted that Iran was the bin main artery for funds, staff, and communication for the group.

For more sophisticated training, al-Qaeda members went to Lebanon. According to the documents, Iran has provided Al-Qaeda fighters with-education in Hezbollah camps in Lebanon to hit the money, weapons and everything they need and American interestsin Saudi Arabia, Bel he said. Most likely, three Iranian agencies became intermediaries. Helping al-Qaeda: the IRGC, the elite Jerusalem Intelligence, and Intelligence Ministry.

Iran was also involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Before the attacks, Tehran allowed al-Qaeda workers to pass Iran without a visa or passport. Sound evidence, including the US federal court decision, found that “Iran provided material and direct support to 9/11 terrorists.”

Eight of the pirates passed through Iran before coming to the US. Tehran provided funds for al-Qaeda leaders, logistical support and ammunition, and retained many of the US interests in return for attacks.

Tehran is likely to continue to support al-Qaeda in Iraq and other countries in order to suppress Iran’s rival powers. This alliance clearly explains why Al Qaeda has never attacked Iran.

As the Trump administration continues to exert maximum pressureon Iran, the latter may seek assistance from al-Qaeda members to attack American bases, damage US national security interests and expel Washington and its allies to regional policy goals.

When the Iranian regime was suppressed, it reacted with the only modus operand that it has been familiar with since 1979: more challenging international norms and laws, more aggressive and face-to-face policies. The international community should take appropriate and proactive measures to counter Tehran’s threats.

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