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Pro Islamic Militants In Somalia Eye Ethiopia

The extremist and militants functioning in Somalia are now done with this African country. Having consumed the nation’s economy with strife and war, they are now eyeing other virgin potential Muslim populated African countries around Somalia.

A recent video clip released by militants in Islamic State militants in Somalia reveals their intent to penetrate into the fabric of Ethiopians.

Matt Bryden is an Africa analyst with Kenyan Sahan Research.  He has the opinion that “as long as there are communities with grievances, and where violence is becoming increasingly the norm, there are opportunities for extremist groups to recruit, to attract followers and perhaps to establish the presence, and I would expect ISIS is trying to do all of those things.”

The militants in Somalia have declared through their three-minute video that they intend to promote themselves and their agenda in one of the two most spoken languages in Ethiopia, the Amharic.

Undeniably, for the Islamic State militants functioning in Somalia, Ethiopia is looking like a big opportunity to harness the youth and dissatisfied populace and meets its fundamentalist agenda.  News reports have been showing a trend that the group has been expanding its influences and its activities across Africa quite aggressively.

Also, Ethiopia’s unrest could be worsening despite political reforms undertaken by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, including the release of thousands of political prisoners and the signing of a peace treaty with longtime foe Eritrea.

Political analysts and security agencies are of the opinion the release of the Amharic video could indicate that the Islamic State in Somalia has members from Ethiopia that could help infiltrate the African country.

The rise of the pro-Islamic State militants in Somalia started in October 2015 after a small group of fighters from militant group Al-Shabab broke away and pledged allegiance to IS Emir Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.  Ever since the group has maintained a steady presence in northeast Somalia and around Mogadishu. They continue to, however, face a relentless offensive from both Al-Shabab and the Somali government. Bryden further comments to the local media, “they have had little success in much of the continent but are persistent.”

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