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US States’ Secretary Mike Pompeo
US States’ Secretary Mike Pompeo said on "Iranian lies have exposed the world to a great danger"

Pompeo: Iranian an international threat

US States Secretary Mike Pompeo said on Twitter that “Iranian lies have exposed the world to great danger”, in an indication of Tehran’s secrecy over the spread of the Coronavirus emerging in the country.

He added that “Iran’s regime continues to lie to its people about the number of contaminated people and deaths.”

Pompeo stressed that “Khamenei’s lie about the” Wuhan virus “put people’s lives in danger.”
He explained that Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has rejected offers of US aid for conspiracy theory claims.

US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortigas responded strongly to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s repeated allegations that the United States had created the Coronavirus, which she referred to as the “Wuhan virus”.

“The conspiracy theories about the Wuhan virus promoted by Khamenei are harmful, irresponsible and 100% wrong,” Otegas said on Twitter.
“If the so-called Supreme Leader is a true leader, he will return billions of his hidden and tax-exempt funds to the Iranian people to deal with the outbreak,” she added.

In a speech, Khamenei had rejected the United States’ offer to help deal with the Corona pandemic in Iran, including sending medicines to combat the outbreak. “Use what you have for your patients, ” Khamenei responded.

Khamenei also said that Iran could not trust the United States because it could give drugs “that spread the virus or cause it to survive,” and claimed that “part of the virus was created especially to the Iranians’ genes.”
Some Chinese media and Chinese officials, including a Foreign Ministry spokesman, had earlier this month echoed allegations that the Coronavirus was an American production that had been introduced to China by visiting members of the US military in Wuhan.
The statements were denied by senior officials, including the Chinese ambassador to Washington, who said it was “crazy” to spread rumors about the deadly virus allegedly produced in a military laboratory in the United States.

The United States responded strongly to this claim, as US President Donald Trump referred to the virus as “the Chinese virus.”

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