Plan a Trip to Europe-Visit the Most Spectacular Places

European countries are a delight to travel. It is pleasure to travel around the countries like France, Italy, Germany and England. They are all very vibrant countries that have different traditions and culture in them. You can get all in a European vacation-nightlife, restaurants, architecture, art, culture, museums and what not. There are some places in Europe which you cannot afford to miss because of their natural beauty and picturesque view.

Here are the places that you must travel when planning a trip to Europe. Follow the list and plan your trip to Europe accordingly.

Don’t miss out Rome

Rome is a must visit place in Europe. You will feel the fresh aroma of cooking Italian cooking that comes with the breeze over there. Rome is a place full of locations having historical importance. You can roam about in Rome and visit the famous historical sites. The St. Peters Basilica, The Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain are some of the jaw dropping architectures that you will find in Rome.

Must visit to London

London is a place that everybody wants to go. When you are in London don’t forget to visit the world famous British museum. Relax yourself by going to a pub and having the famous fish and chips. Love music? Visit the west end for some music.

Paris-the dream location

Paris is a place that is filled with churches, famous monuments and iconic museums. Watch the breathtaking and world famous Eiffel tower in Paris. Experience the spectacular view of the wonder of the world with your eyes.

Extraordinary view at Venice

Had a long time dream of riding in a gondola? Venice is the right place for you. Romantic gondola rides which rides down the Grand Canal will give you a delightful feeling. Venice is not only famous for its scenic beauty but also it is a hub of many churches, theatres and historic sites.

Tuscany-famous for Italian cuisine

The place of Tuscany is famous for its eateries that serve authentic Italian food. You can indulge yourself into the world famous Italian food in small locations in Sienna and Clinque Terre.

Tick off your bucket list of places to visit in Europe!


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