Pentagon Official Announces: 120-Day Syria Withdrawal Plan to Please Trump and Prevent Death of US Troops

Initially, all hell broke loose in Washington and among US allies as Trump suddenly announced to remove all US troops from Syria. As per his America First policy, Trump said that he cannot have US troops fighting the battles for all the allies. Since the US has already subdued the ISIS, it’s time the troops go back home.
Now, recently Trump wanted his US troops out of Syria within a span of 30 days. However, according to the official of the Pentagon, the endeavour is impossible as such a quick withdrawal would undoubtedly put the US troops at risk.
Hence, to convince Trump and protect the US troops the Pentagon formulated a 120-day timeline to withdraw the US troops from Syria. Now, Trump officials from the administration are saying that the 120-day timeline would slow down the procedure, and instead, they are commenting how thoughtful and reasonable Trump is after hearing out the Pentagon’s claims.
Trump himself announced on a news channel that, he never said he would rush with his decision as he has no plans of compromising the safety of the US troops. Further, the Trump administration claimed that they are handling things the smart way by increasing the timeline. Now, the troops can move out securely as Trump has allowed them several months to depart safely.
As per the Pentagon officials, on the other hand, the 120-day timeline isn’t at all a slowdown. In fact, it is the time needed by the troops to move to safety. Moreover, the troops in truth need more time, but to please Trump and avoid minimal damage the Pentagon has come to the conclusion of giving the US troops the 120 days’ timeline.

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