The Partnership between Qatar and Hezbollah

The relationship between Qatar and Hezbollah is a worry for countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council and the world at large. Yet, Qatar continues to associate itself with the organization, exacerbating the existing issues prevalent in the region.

The fact is that Qatar has categorized Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, albeit due to pressure from the GCC. Despite this, the country keeps supporting the terrorist entity. It seems that Qatar does not place any importance to its agreements.  Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, the current emir of Qatar, has even stated Hezbollah to be a resistance group. Even the state news agency of Qatar has reported that the Emir had mentioned that it was unwise to make Iran an enemy.

The relationship between Hezbollah and Qatar can be traced back to the time when the current emir took power a few years ago. Thanks to Qatari support, the terrorist organization has become more powerful compared to other Lebanese outfits. It has become a part of the regional alliance comprising of Qatar, Iran and Syria. This alliance is a threat to the other peaceful Arab countries and may end up having a profound effect on the region.

More recently, it has been noted that Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani has begun to enlist Lebanese Hezbollah fighters for the security of his family and even his rule. According to the same news report, sources in the Qatari opposition had stated that there was a hidden agenda behind the decision of Qatar to allow Lebanese citizens to enter the country even if they do not have an entry visa. As per those sources, this decision was taken to allow Hezbollah fighters to enter Qatar legitimately, bypassing the international restrictions that have been placed on the terrorist group.

The same newspaper reported that members of the group are not only signing for the emir’s service but are also joining the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. They are also joining the Turkish forces already present in Doha.


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