Palestinians Dead On Gaza Border as US opens Jerusalem Embassy

Palestinians were continuously counting their deaths after the attacks done by the Israelis. The forces of Israel fired openly at the Gaza border at the protestors which killed almost 58 and around 2700 people were left wounded. Not only were they wounded from the firing, but some felt ill due to the tear gas inhalation that the forces have thrown to the protestors. It was known after the violence stopped that this day will be marked as the bloodiest day for Gaza since the Gaza war in the year 2014.

The backdrop of the violence is known to be the opening of the new embassy of the US in Jerusalem was anticipated from a longer time. The dignitaries of the US embassy listened to a message which was sent as a video by the President of United States, Donald Trump. Shortly the news filtered through the numbers of death toll which was quickly rising at a distance of not more than 100 km from the location of the opening ceremony.

These events were predicted earlier as the protestors were becoming prepared for this action from a long time. In fact the response from the armed forces of Israel was also meticulously planned before many weeks by the Hamas leaders in Gaza. The matter was upped by Israel that that no one will be able to violate the border and it was said by them very clearly.

Around 40000 Palestinians participated in the protests at almost 12 locations along the side of the border. The border witnessed a type of protest which included the protestors burning tyres and throwing stones at the Israeli forces. After the protests were done the crowds tried to swell in the border which was stopped by the forces which had Israeli snipers by firing at them.


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