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Silvri Prison

A Palestinian dies in Turkish captivity, torture suspected

On April 19, Turkey arrested two Palestinians citizens, charging them of “political, military and international espionage”.

On Monday, Turkey’s state news agency Anadolu Agency, reported that one of two committed suicide by hanging himself in Silviri prison on Sunday. Silviri is located on the outskirts of Istanbul. The deceased has been identified as Zaki Y. Mubarak Hasan in the statement.

Arab news outlet reported that Zaki Mubarak Hasan’s family was informed of his death in prison before the news was released to the media. Palestinian ambassador to Turkey Fayed Mustafa also confirmed Hasan’s death.

Mustafa said, “The embassy is waiting for the results of the autopsy.”

Some believed that the Zaki’s death, which happened ten days after the detention, has been falsely labelled as a suicide act while it is a brutal act of torture by Turkish government, which led to his death.

One of those who deny the claim includes Zakaria Mubarak Hasan, Zaki Hasan’s his brother. He said that his brother was ‘killed’.

What raises the suspicion around Zaki Hasan’s death is the fact that the justice ministry official just released the statement of him hanging himself but did not provide any further details related to it.

This is a clear case of human rights violations. A medical delegation from the International committee needs to intervene and investigate the issue.

The authorities concealing an act of torturous murder as a suicide is not only ridiculous but alarming and requires immediate intervention of human rights organisations.

It is not their first time that Turkey has tried to cover it inhuman acts. Turkish government has arbitrarily detained tens of thousands of people following a failed coup in July 2016, saying they were linked with the network of Fethullah Gulen, a U.S.-based Islamic cleric blamed by Ankara for orchestrating the putsch. It was followed by illegal jailing of thousands of the country’s lawyers. The move was executed to restrict their ability to act for people in police custody and in court. It shows the state of Turkey’s criminal justice system and it needs to be spoken against both locally and internationally.

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