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Obstacles Cast Shadow over Path to Attain Peace in Afghanistan
Obstacles Cast Shadow over Path to Attain Peace in Afghanistan

Obstacles Cast Shadow over Path to Attain Peace in Afghanistan

Even though the US diplomats and the Afghan Taliban have seen some reason of hope for carrying out a dialogue and bringing an end to the longest war of the United States’; however, the crucial issue of a truce and the possibility of the rebels sitting down with the Afghan government is far-fetched dream and also far from being solved.

Areas in which both parties have addressed progress; however, plans for the pull out of foreign troops, 17 years after the U.S. led eviction of the Taliban and pledge that Afghanistan won’t turn out to be a base for al-Qaeda or even the Islamic State, still demands exhaustive discussions.

For example, the withdrawal is conditional on a truce that the Taliban are yet to discuss. A Taliban official who spoke on the condition of anonymity stated that they want to be completely certain of the fact that the US is leaving completely before they discontinue their fight. On the other hand, a US official having knowledge about the case stated that the compromise was very clear; a truce needs to be ensured first before the US pull out their forces. The US can’t pull out their forces without an armistice.

Well, the assurance of the Taliban forces comes with caveats.

Taliban says that they can certify the United States of the security of half of the nation they now manage, but they would have to be in the position of a provisional government and made assured of blocking al-Qaeda or Islamic State from attacking any other places of the world.

Western-backed Afghan President Ashraf Ghani rejects to accept any temporary government as part of any deal. Ghani stated that he wants peace and that too immediately; however, he wants a proper plan. It would help to avoid past mistakes so that it doesn’t get repeated. While making this statement he referred to the gory history of failed government, civil war, and military coup.

Ghani stated that the deaths of previous rulers, which includes former President Najibullah, who was hanged from a Kabul lamppost when Taliban guerrillas sailed into the capital in 1996. Former U.S. ambassador Ryan Crocker mentioned that by conferring with a Taliban that dismisses to deliberate on the Afghan leadership.

The next round of discussion is going to be held in Qatar on 25th February when Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, a former Mujahedeen fighter against the Soviet occupation of the 1980s, would be spearheading the Taliban side after his release last year from a Pakistani jail. While US officials are hopeful of an authority would be present for dealing with the truce and talking out with the Afghan government; till date, the Taliban refused to sit down and discusss with the government.

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