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More Number of Children Being Killed In Syria This Year
More Number of Children Being Killed In Syria This Year

More Number of Children Being Killed In Syria This Year

In Syria’s civil war children are either getting killed or maimed at a higher rate that that was five years back. According to a latest report released by UN Security Council, the biggest cause of mortalities is the regime’s barrel bomb attacks and air strikes.
Researchers verified 12,537 serious infringements against children, with all parties taking part in the battle guilty of violating international humanitarian and humanitarian right’s law attacking minors. With the Syrian conflict, entering its eighth year boys and girls are being inducted for combat roles, which includes the government as well.
The report, which has been titled ‘Children and Armed Conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic’, extends over the period from 16th November, 2013 and to the end of June this year. The factions have blatantly breached their commitment to safeguard children. Forces of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad’s have taken supremacy in the war over the past year but the likelihood of an end to fighting appears dull.
The Geneva peace discussion stumbled to the point of not being taken seriously. However, a rival peace process led by Russia, Turkey, and Iran looked on their interests, renewed on Wednesday. The violence on the ground still persists, with children being selected as soldiers.
Security Council’s report on grave violations against children revealed the numbers of such occurrences had mostly spiked every year. There were 2,285 in 2014, 2,740 in 2015, 3,151 in 2016 and 3,009 last year. During the first six months of 2018 the UN has confirmed 1,291 grave violations.
The UN mentioned 3,377 children which include 3,150 boys and 227 girls were selected, with 82% of them taking part in a combat role comprising of arms and sometimes which includes military training. The figure have also risen in the past five years: 351 in 2014, 538 in 2015, 1,034 in 2016 and 1,142 in 2017.

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