Novichok Nerve Agent Again Poisons Two Britons after Making a Russian Spy Its Victim

Two British citizens became critically ill after they got exposed to Novichok. According to Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer, Novichok is the same nerve agent that quashed a former Russian spy and his daughter during March.

The nerve agent attacked a 44-year old woman and a 45 year old man. On 30th June, both of them have been hospitalized after they reported that were not feeling well. Soon they were taken to a hospital in Amesbury. Amesbury lies miles away from Salisbury, where an –ex-double agent of Russia and his daughter were attacked.

The senior counter-terrorism officer of Britain, Neil Basu mentioned that he obtained test results from Porton Down and the result showed clearly that the two Britons was exposed to the nerve agent.

Meanwhile, Britain accused Russia of poisoning the Skripal with the nerve agent, Novichok. The nerve agent was developed by the soviet military forces during the Cold War. Hence, it is being regarded as the first disrespectful and abusive use of a chemical weapon on the soils of Europe. This event took place on the European soil since the Second World War. However, Russia denied their involvement in this matter.

Police forces from the UK counter-terrorism department who is carrying out investigation on this matter said that they have no clue on how the two Britons came into contact with the nerve agent. The team is also looking into the fact if the two people were specifically targeted.

Although, the counter terrorism team highlighted that they don’t have any evidence to prove that the two Britons were specifically targeted. Officers from the counter terrorism department cordoned off many areas including a park in Salisbury, a pharmacy, and a Baptist church community in Amesbury.

The first attack took place on March when a Russian military intelligence Skripal and his daughter were found unconscious on a bench. After the attack, it prompted to the banishing of Russian diplomats, since the Cold War. Prime Minister Theresa May stated that Moscow is responsible for such action and they might have lost control of the nerve agent.


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