Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Slams Trumps Child Separation Policy

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai mentioned Trump’s latest policy to separate children of illegal immigrants from their families at the border to be very cruel and inhumane. Malala made this statement on 11th July, during her first visit to South America in order to promote girl’s education.

Yousafzai slammed the policy started by the Trump administration and declared it to be very unfair. She is shocked with this whole thing. Over 2300 children were forcibly separated from their parents after Trump administration began zero tolerance policy on illegal immigrants. Initially, Trump stated that there were no other options to criminally litigate all parents who crossed the border from Mexico illegally. Starting last month, amidst huge public uproar and outrage, Trump stopped to separate children from their families.

Malala wished that the children who got separated from their parents is able to unite with their parents very soon. The whole policy launched by the Trump administration is totally unacceptable.

Malala, a global advocate of girl’s education praised Canada for welcoming refugees. However, her grim remarks on Trump’s policy of family separation stood as a sharp contrast. During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Malala even questioned Trump’s action on women’s rights.

Malala was visiting Rio de Janerio to inaugurate the expansion of her education charity, the Malala Fund, into Latin American, starting from Brazil. She aims to advocate on more public spending on education. Spending on education is a tall task since the passing of a constitutional amendment that would freeze federal spending in real terms. It would help to cut down the public debt.

Malala desires to bring around 1.5 million girls to school. However, her special focus would be on minority groups who lag behind the white children on several areas, such as literacy and secondary school completion. However, Malala hopes to expand it further to Latin America.


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