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No Visa Charge For Iranian Visitors To Iraqi Kurdistan

An Iranian official news agency IRNA on Friday, April 19 quoted the Iranian Consulate General in Sulaymaniyah as having declared that the “Iraqi Kurdistan Region has underlined its commitment to Baghdad decision to lift charges on the visa for Iranian nationals .”

In accordance with IRNA, Earlier, the Iraqi Council of Ministers passed a bill on March 27 to lift visa charges for Iranians.

The Iraqi Prime Minister’s office declared in a statement earlier that “the Council of Ministers chaired by Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has ratified a bill to lift visa charges for Iranian if Iran also reciprocates .”

A visa charge waiver was announced by Iran and Iraq during a recent to Baghdad by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Iranians visiting Iraqi Kurdistan needed to pay 25 ,000 dinars ( $20 ) as visa charge .

Over seven million Iranians and Iraqis visit each other’s country every year, mainly for pilgrimage. But, visits to the Iraqi Kurdistan takes place mainly for trade and tourism.

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