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No peace for Syria, Russia and China block humanitarian aids

No peace for Syria, Russia and China block humanitarian aids

Russia and China vetoed a United Nations resolution proposal that would allow cross-border humanitarian aid for the people of Syria to be extended by one year. It is a program that reaches four million people in the Middle Eastern nation. For this reason, non-governmental organizations have shouted at the scandal and raised an alarm about the consequences for the population.

This aid program concerns in particular a region that is still not under the control of the Damascus authorities today. It is the province of Idlib, in the north-western Syria. In which, despite repeated appeals from the United Nations, clashes and bombings have been taking place since 16 December.

This has forced tens of thousands of people to abandon their homes. Men, women and children who depend directly on humanitarian aid, who arrive in the territory through Jordan, Iraq and Turkey, taking advantage of some corridors created for this purpose. Problem: The aid program was never officially authorized by the Bashar al-Assad government. And the mandate given by the other nations to the United Nations ends on January 10th.These are the reasons why Moscow and Beijing opposed the resolution.

According to Carolyn Miles of Save the Children, “while the United Nations member states are exchanging accusations instead of renewing essential aid for Syrian children, hundreds of thousands of people in Idlib are again under the bombs.” “We are entering a new phase of impunity. Fighting continues and aid is now blocked,” David Miliband of the International rescue committee added.

To understand the seriousness of the situation, just think that more than three million people still live in Idlib. The area is largely under the control of the Salafist group Organization for the Liberation of the Levant, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, close to al-Qaeda terrorists. This is why attacks and air raids from the Syrian and Russian air forces still continue.

Twelve civilians were killed on Saturday following a bombing. Moreover, since Thursday evening, the clashes in the city of Maaret al-Noomane have caused 140 deaths among the military, including 57 belonging to the pro-Assad forces. Three of them died Sunday in an attack on Syrian positions attributed to the Israeli army.

More generally, since the ceasefire announced by Russia in late August, more than 280 civilians have lost their lives, according to information released by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Syria, therefore, continues to find no peace, after a war that resulted in 370 thousand deaths and millions of refugees.

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