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Nine of the Kabul aid groups killed in the Taliban attack

Following another attack on humanitarian groups targeting aid workers in Afghanistan on Thursday, authorities confirmed that nine people were killed in a Taliban attack in Kabul the day before.

The attack on Counterpart International, a non-profit group working with people marginalized in Afghanistan on Wednesday, began with a massive explosion in a busy commercial area in central Kabul.

Interior ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said five deaths, including a member of the Afghan security forces, a guard at the Counterpoint and three civilians, raised the death rate to nine.

CARE, the anti-poverty group with offices close to Counterpart International, said the three employees – a driver, a guard, and technical consultant – were killed in the explosion.

”This attack reflects the growing dangers of humanitarian aid in countries affected by conflict, such as Afghanistan, and the unfortunate daily violence of many Afghan families,“ he said.

In addition, 20 civilians were wounded in the attack after seeing several Taliban armed attacks attacking Counterpoint. After the Afghan commandos started an hour-long cleaning operation, they were all killed.

On Wednesday’s big boom the trees fell, and the walls of heavy concrete explosions were knocked down on the street outside Counterpart.

The explosion radius extended in all directions hundreds of meters (meters) and blew the windows in nearby houses and workplaces.

Dozens of workers, shops, restaurants and hotels in the center of Kabul, which is home to the popular Shahr-e-Naw district of the streets debris and broken glass seen in the streets.

The Taliban took responsibility for the attacker and said that Counterpart International was targeted because it supported the part mixing of men and women.

Zabihullah Mücahid, the rebel spokesman, directed the help group on Twitter on various aspects such as ım the brutal leadership, oppression, terrorism, anti-Islam ideology and the promotion of western culture.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, 30 aid workers were killed last year in Afghanistan, one of the most dangerous countries for humanitarian aid.

Afghanistan was once an external aid center, but seeing that the international groups that disrupt the security had diminished their presence, it made it harder to provide much more assistance to the most vulnerable citizens of the war-torn country.

Many aid groups, including the rescue of children, have been the target of terrorist attacks and have suspended operations after the attacks.

Wednesday’s attack took place even when US and Taliban officials gathered for peace talks in Qatar.

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