New President of United Nations General Assembly Urges to Bring the United Nations Close to the People

Maria Fernanda Espinosa became the 73rd President of the United Nations General Assembly. She succeeded Miroslav Lajcak who was the 72nd President of the UN General Assembly. The new session of the General Assembly on Wednesday emphasized that all member nations should try their level best to bring the world body close to the people.

During her inaugural speech, she pointed out that there is an immediate need to create a peaceful and sustainable society. For multilateralism, a strong global leadership needs to be maintained.

Ms Maria’s is the fourth woman to take up such an important post in the world body. Moreover, Ms. Maria became the first woman from Latin America and Caribbean region to secure such a prestigious post. While addressing the 193 member nations of the General Assembly, she pointed that she would try to focus on the important concerns of the world. Focusing on the priorities would help in shaping the future.

The things with which she is concerned includes, equality of gender; promoting and implementing new global rules on refuges and migration; advocating for decent work; initiating dialogue; protection of the environment; stressing on the rights of people with disabilities; and supporting the process of UN reforms. She even added that she would help with the process of prompt response of the General Assembly as and when an emergency situation arises.

Ms Fernanda stated that she would do her best to maintain good practices in her office. she would try to  keep gender equality, complete clarity in the process of administrative and financial management. She would strictly abide the Code of Ethics as well as the Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly.

UN Secretary-General, Mr António Guterres congratulated the new President for taking a note of the important problems which needs to be addressed immediately. He also highlighted on the significance of international cooperation as well as the huge value of the international organizations who should start working together on the above matters.


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