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New evidence of Turkey’s smuggling of arms to Libya by Ukrainian aircraft

The site SU’OUNE TOURKYA published a video of a Ukrainian plane taking off from Kyiv airport to Istanbul’s Isnaboga airport in Turkey loaded with weapons and terrorists from Syria and elements from the remnants of different terrorist organizations that were sent to Libya.

“Daily flights over the past week of the Ukrainian Airlines, Skyliners, operated by Ilyushin cargo planes, that routes from Kyiv and then to Essenboga Airport in Ankara carrying extremist and weapons and land in Tripoli,” the site said in a tweet on Twitter.

The site said that the company operated flights over the past weeks to Misrata from Ankara, the last one was on May 31, in addition to conducting at least five flights to Misrata, without specifying the final destination, as required by sky international laws, to hide the final destination and the nature of the cargo of planes operating these flights.

The report pointed out that the company has intensified the number of flights recently between different Turkish airports and Misrata International Airport, at a rate of almost daily flight sometimes.

The website said: “Sources have spoken of Turkey’s delivery of additional drones and military equipment to the forces of the Libyan National Accord government headed by Fayez Sarraj.

the flights from Ankara to Misrata last week, show the existence of intensive activity between the two countries, an activity that is expected to increase In the coming days.

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