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New arrest in Turkey ... 228 arrests orders were issued
New arrest in Turkey ... 228 arrests orders were issued

New arrest in Turkey … 228 arrests orders were issued

While the displaced people suffer from extremely difficult humanitarian conditions in the alternative camps in Marib Governorate, northeastern Yemen, the Houthi militia plundered the Al-Khanq camp for the displaced in the Nahham district, east of Sana’a, which is the largest in Yemen, after the IDPs fled from it due to the confrontations that took place in The areas near the camp.

In the details, relief aid sources said, on Monday, that the militia transported tents and shelter materials belonging to the camp, on trucks, to areas in Bani Hashish and Al-Harish in Sanaa.

It is noteworthy that the attacks by the Houthi militia on the displacement camps in Ma’rib and Naham in the Sana’a governorate had forced the displaced people to leave those camps to migrate again to escape the fire of intentional bombing.

Aid sources working in the relief field added that the recent events caused the displacement of more than 3,500 families from the Majzar district of Marib, while 400 families from the Nahham district and 1,500 families from the Al-Khaniq camp in Nahham were displaced.

Local sources also confirmed that all the displaced people from the Nahham and Mazrar districts settled in Al-Zabra camp in the Madghel district in the Ma’rib Governorate.

In the context, the United Nations announced, on Sunday, that the escalation of armed confrontations in several regions of the governorates of Ma’rib, Al-Jawf and Sana’a, since mid-January, has forced at least 4,700 families to flee.

Liz Grande, the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, said in a statement that the humanitarian partners provided emergency food, hygiene kits, shelter materials, life-saving water, and nutrition and protection services to people who need assistance in those areas. “A note that Yemen is preparing The worst humanitarian crisis in the world, where about 80% of the population needs some form of humanitarian assistance and protection.

In addition, the UN official warned that 10 million Yemenis are one step away from starvation, and 7 million are malnourished.

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