Netanyahu and Putin Talk as Tensions Regarding Syrian Air Strikes Mount

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Russian President Vladimir Putin had met in Russia to discuss military coordination. At present, the tensions are mounting regarding the airstrikes in Syria and President Trump’s decision to step out of the nuclear deal with Iran.

The Israeli leader had visited Russia after the Syrian media had announced that the warplanes of Israel had targeted a military outpost near Damascus. Around nine people had lost their lives as the missiles had hit the depots. It is estimated that the depots and the rocket launchers probably belonged to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in Kisweh. The observation had been made by the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Kremlin supports the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and they had also supported him during the course of the seven year old Syrian civil war. The Kremlin had stated that the attacks were discussed by Putin with the senior officials of his security council. Netanyahu had stated that considering the current situation in Syria, it was very important to make sure that there is continued coordination between Russia and the Syrian militaries.

He had not mentioned anything about the air strikes and there was no comment made by Tel Aviv, Israel and Russia had set up a hotline in order to avoid the accidental clashes which were taking place in Syria. The tension level between Iran and Israel is increasing because Tehran attempts to increase its military operation in Syria. After President Trump had decided to step out of the nuclear deal with Iran, the hardliners in Tehran had rejoiced in glee.

The foreign ministry of Russia had expressed their grave disappointment regarding the decision made by Trump. The deputy head of the Russian parliament’s foreign affairs committee, Dmitry Novikov felt that Iran would be able to create nuclear weapons after the snapping of the deal.


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