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Nasser Al-Omar: The antithesis of modernity

Nasser Al-Omar, a Saudi hate-hate preacher who was detained in August 2018, was a strong rival in the Islamic world and the confusion of Muslims and non-Muslims. She published several fatwas that curb women’s rights. He is known for his loyalty to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group designated as terrorists by many countries around the world.

Al-Omar is a member of the Muslim Scholars Association, led by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, based in Qatar, one of Arab News’s preachers of hate.

Al-Omar opposed the presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia during the 1991 Gulf War, which saved Kuwait from the invasion of Iraq.

He was born and raised in the village of Al-Moraidasiih in the Qassim district of Suas in 1952. He studied at the Riyadh Medical Institute in 1970 before receiving a diploma from the Sharia faculty at the Islamic University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud in Riyadh in1974. Shortly thereafter, he was appointed as a lecturer and continued his higher education from 1979 to 1984.

In an article titled “The Marriage of Young Girls in March 2012, she said that she supports child marriage. He said that prohibiting girls from marrying before they turned 18 “could lead to many evils because they could not appreciate it”. Girls under this age can feel their passionate desires and their parents want to protect them by marrying. ”Al-Omar said that those who are against child marriage are arrogant and that young pregnancies should look to the West, where “proven and registered, and some are in primary school.

He said: “If a 12-year-old girl was divorced in Yemen, they got so much of a rush… Strange, if a 10-year-old had a baby in the West they celebrated their youngest father and the state provided care and supplies! “He is the author and expert of ideological movements. Hani Nasira said that Al-Omar sometimes “went back to fraud, making up, or giving false stories and stories.”
Al-Omar described women’s sports facilities as “the greatest means of corruption”, “forbidding” because it leads to many evils that are not compared to the desired benefits ”.He opposed the rewriting of Saudi religious schoolbooks to remove anti-Western and anti-Jewish teachings.

In 2005, after the death of Pope John Paul II, a question was published on the website and asked if many Muslims were mourned and allowed to curse him. Al-Omar replied: It is allowed to condemn those who die as disbelievers to curse his service to religion, infidelity, the spread of polytheism and the war against Islam. ElAl-Omar banned Muslims from celebrating or congratulating their holiday with Christians.“It is forbidden for Muslims to participate in Christian festivals with any participation, to congratulate, to give gifts, to participate in celebrations, to celebrate, to honor or to participate in other forms of participation,” he said.

Al-Omar said that while traveling to countries unacceptable for medical treatment, advocacy, aid, and education, while travel is for tourism and the traveler thinks that it will fall into sin, travels forbidden. “As for traveling to sin and visit forbidden places and nightclubs, it is forbidden and this is a sinful journey, ”he said.

Al-Omar said: Unless there is a danger of seduction, no obedience, obligation or urgent need to go abroad and there is no decision to stay away from forbidden actions, otherwise his country is better for him (the traveler). “When asked about Muslims who are foreign nationals on the website, he said, “Muslims cannot be allowed to stay there except for the need or urgent need for disbelievers,” and “living among the infidels is prohibited.” It is not possible to be a citizen of cursing countries other than those forced to do so, ”he said.

Nasira said that Al-Omar was “just defending hatred ve, and his attitude meant that he opposed the liberation of Kuwait, rejected the Shiite idea of citizenship in Saudi Arabia, and“ ridiculous oils forbade honeymoon or tourism ”. Al Omar’s fatwas, published works and videos are available on the website and on his personal Twitter account with 6 million followers.

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