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In the words of Nathalie Goulet,“A solution to the Yemen problem would mean a defeat of the Islamists.” But how is it possible, when the very anti-government elements try to be part of the government to legitimise their actions.

Muslim Brotherhood threatens unification of Yemen

Year after year Yemen civil war has been turning aggressive, with multiple terrorist groups brooding on its ground,  trying to take over the center stage. The nation today is in tatters with different parts governed by different groups ranging from Iran-backed Houthis, Turkey-backed Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar-backed ISIS, UAE-backed Southern separatists to Riyadh-backed government. In the name of democracy, multiple the extremist groups are undertaking terror activities in order to convert the law of the land into ‘Sharia law’. 

In the words of Nathalie Goulet, “A solution to the Yemen problem would mean a defeat of the Islamists.” But how is it possible, when the very anti-government elements try to be part of the government to legitimize their actions.  

Muslim Brotherhood, a politico-religious Islamist group based out of Egypt founded in 1928, after gaining a grip over different nations in the region is trying to set its roots deep in Yemen. The group, which is one of the world’s oldest and most influential propagators of Islamic extremism, works with an aim to establish another ‘Caliphate’. Brotherhood is different from other Islamic extremist organizations as it works towards gaining political validation in a country, dividing the nation and deceiving global public opinion, while its dirty work is done by its subsidiaries such as ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Brotherhood is posing serious threat to the integrity of the country by promoting its division into North and South Yemen, as it was before 1990. The recent blasts and arrests of government officials by Southern separatists forces have brought to light the hidden ties between Yemeni president Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and his government with the Muslim Brotherhood. The terrorist organization is also affiliated to Yemeni political party, Islah.

Brotherhood is strengthening its grip over Yemen, to use the country as a launchpad for its operations against western nations, such as the USS Cole attack, which killed 17 Americans. Yemen has become a threat not only to the region but the entire world. The failed state of Yemen, which is its sixth year of the war, is undergoing one of the worst humanitarian crisis.

Faith Matters, a UK-based anti-extremist organization revealed how Brotherhood is playing with the minds of people by presenting a twisted version of events happening in Yemen. Faith Matters pointed out how Adel Al Hassani used the TV Station Channel 4 as a platform to discuss alleged human rights abuses in the country, along with singing a Nasheed, which is considered as an unofficial anthem of Al Qaeda. The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to create a political conundrum, and spreading misinformation to divide and rule the country. Everyone needs to be blamed to allow this to happen to Yemen, including international organizations, western nations and even Yemeni themselves. In Goulet’s opinion, strong actions need to be taken towards identifying and eliminating Islamist extremist, in order to reinstate the peace and integrity of the country.

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