Military Talks Between Koreas to Reduce Tension on Border


High-level military talks are taking place between the two rival Korean nations in order to discuss means to reduce the tension across their heavily fortified border. The North Korean officials would be taking a firm commitment from the South Korean officials during their meeting regarding the pause of military drills along with the United States.

American President Donald Trump mentioned after his meeting with North Korean President Kim Jong Un that the allies would stop the war games during the nuclear negotiations in good faith. The presidential office of South Korea has states that it is trying to discern the meaning and intent of Trump’s statement. Seoul’s Defense Ministry had stated that the military talks would focus on carrying out agreements from the summit between Kim and Moon Jae-in, the South Korea President. The duo had vowed to adopt measures which would reduce the military tensions and eliminate the chances of war.

The discussions had been taking place between the militaries since December 2007 and South Korean Maj. Gen. Kim Do-gyun had mentioned that the two nations would work together to establish a new era of peace in the Korean Peninsula. The South Korean officials were greeted by the North Korean officials led by Lt. Gen. An Ik San. The major general was the first Korean soldier to cross the military demarcation line on foot while wearing a uniform.

Kim Do-gyun told An that he was honored to have met him and wishes to have a meaningful breakthrough through the discussion. The Korean military officials might have military talks on a regular basis and establish a hotline between their top officials. The officials might also discuss the efforts which need to be out in to recover the remains of the soldiers who were missing or presumed to be dead in the Korean War.


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