Migrants from Central America in Mexico Determined To Visit Border of the US

Migrants from Central America who stopped near the Mexico City in a caravan was strong-headed to go to the US border and they have also asked the officials to transport them in buses because it was too cold and also dangerous for them to continue hitchhiking and walking. According to the Mexican government, most of the migrants have refused to take certain offers of staying within the boundaries of Mexico and only a limited number of people have agreed to stay back or return to their home countries.
More than 85% of the migrants are from Honduras and others are from several other countries like Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala from Central America. They have already demanded buses to continue with their traveling because it would be colder in the northern part of Mexico and it was not also safe for them to continue walking alongside the highways. The reason for that is the drug cartels operate from those parts frequently and it can be dangerous for the migrants to walk through that area. The US government have declared that more than 2697 temporary visas have been issued to families and individuals so that they can cover them while they wait for the application process to get a permanent access which takes about 45 days.
Migrants searched through piles of clothes and boxes of milk for children that have been donated to them. More than hundreds of employees and volunteers from Mexico City helped them to sort out donations and direct migrants to fetch food, water, and other basics from the piles. In fact, reports have also been made of migrants going missing on the caravan, but that is quite often because they catch rides on trucks which take a different route, leaving them lost.

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