MI6 double Agent in Al-Qaeda Describes Plotting of Terror Plans and Supported 9/11 Attack Mastermind

An MI6 Double Agent had stated that he believes the war on terror is not anywhere close to being over. He had been associated with the chemical attack which took place in New York Subways. Aimen Dean worked as a top spy for the UK intelligence agency during the war on terror. While undercover, he had become one of Al Qaeda’s most reputed bomb-makers and he had sworn his allegiance to Osama bin Laden.

He had also supported Laden in 9/11 attacks and had worked on the chemical weapons programs. Dean had also foiled the attacks on civilians and had saved numerous lives while putting his own life in risk. Dean stated that he was not worried about the revenge attacks which might have taken place against him after the incident of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal was revealed. He stated that the difference between him and Skripal was that he was pursued by an important power and numerous comrades of Dean were in prison or were dead.

Dean claimed that he adopts precautions but he is never worried. He mentions that he never visits a place which is full of his ex-associates. While he was working as a double agent, Dean stated that he reported to the UK regarding the locations of the Al Qaeda camps, the training methods and the weapons which were used in order to carry out mass destruction.

In spite of meeting one of the men who would be a 9/11 attacker, Dean stated that the attack could not be prevented because the MI6 did not have enough intelligence at that time. Dean mentions that in order to stop the 9/11, twelve spies needed to be inside the regime in twelve different departments.


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