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Mevlut Cavusoglu: Turkey disagrees, US safe zone proposal for North Syria

On Wednesday, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said: “Turkey disagree with the new US proposal for a safe zone in northern Syria.” He included that an agreement on the issue needs to expand as earliest as possible since Ankara has no tolerance left.

Turkey has been raged by US support for the Kurdish YPG army, which Ankara views as a terrorist group. The NATO allies have consented to make a safe zone in northern Syria following the retreat of US forces from the territory, which Turkey needs to be cleared of YPG activists.

The YPG, which leads the US-supported Syrian Democratic Forces, has been the principal US ally on the territory in Syria during Washington’s battle against Islamic State. James Jeffrey, the US special envoy to Syria, was in Ankara this week for chats on the subtleties of the safe zone.

On Wednesday, in a press conference, Cavusoglu said that the two allies had neglected to concede how profound the safe zone would be, who might control it and whether the YPG would be totally dismissed from the region.

“We got the feeling that they need to enter a slowing down procedure here as in Manbij,” Cavusoglu stated, referring to a roadmap approved a year ago to clear a northern Syrian town of YPG fighters. “We have to achieve an understanding of seeing the protected zone at the earliest opportunity because we have no tolerance left.”

He added, that US military authorities meeting with a YPG leader on Monday on a similar day as Jeffrey’s discussions with the foreign minister were showing that Washington was not determined. He also stated on Monday that if the safe zone in northern Syria isn’t set up, and if dangers continue against Turkey, Ankara would begin a military action east of the Euphrates river, a move that Ankara has undermined previously.

Ankara is likewise working with Russia and Iran, allies of the Syrian administration, to build up a constitutional committee. A long-anticipated move in solving the nation’s civil war.

With a recent telephone call with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Cavusoglu said the foundation of the constitutional committee would be announced soon in the following days.

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