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Maritime piracy statement spots first Somali hijackings after five-year lull 

First Somali hijackings after five-year lull:
Somali pirates effectively hijacked a tiny bunkering tanker as well as a conventional show , both within their territorial waters. An overall of 28 workforces were taken hostage and also subsequently unveiled within a quite short time.

IMB suspects that these kind of incidents were opportunistic, especially as the hijacked vessels were not following the Proper Management Practices for Defense against Somalia Based Piracy ( BMP4 ) recommendations.

“IMB proceeds to promote almost all vessels transiting waters around Somalia to carry out the BMP4 recommendations. The current attacks should serve as a caution against complacency since Somali pirates remain capable of carrying out assaults,” said Mr. Mukundan.

“The existence of international navies who patrol these kind of waters is vital since it provides an additional layer of deterrence to the pirates and more importantly helps to secure one of the most important trade routes around the globe,” he added.

The IMB Piracy Reporting Centre promotes the anti-piracy efforts of international navies by relaying all reports to the response agencies, as well as broadcasting signs to ships through the INMARSAT Safety Net Service.

Piracy and armed robbery susceptible areas worldwide:
IMB’s most recent piracy report provides detailed descriptions of all 43 attacks in 16 countries, as well as advice for mariners, including a list of particularly high-risk areas where further caution and preventive measures are vital.

The IMB Piracy Reporting Center is the world’s only independent 24-hour manned center to get reports of pirate strikes from around the world. IMB strongly urges almost all shipmasters and owners to report all actual, attempted and alleged piracy and armed robbery incidents to the IMB PRC. This initial step in the response chain is crucial to ensuring that enough resources are allocated by authorities to tackle piracy. Transparent statistics from a private, non-political, international firm can act as a source to accomplish this end goal.

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