Manhunt Ends with the Death of Gunman Responsible for Strasbourg Attack!

Last Tuesday, at a peaceful Christmas Market in Strasbourg a terror gunman by the name of CherifChekatt, 29 shot three people and injured 12 by open firing. After the attack, the man got into a firefight with the police and soon enough escaped in a taxi.

Following the string of events, the whole of France initiated a manhunt to bring this alleged gunman to justice. The prosecutors and police said the suspect CherifChekatt already had a criminal record and prior to the attack was investigated by the police. Few hours before the attack the police had ransacked his home and discovered several ammunition and arms.

Hence, this might have prompted Cherif to open fire in the French Market of Strasbourg. Nevertheless, recent reports claim that the suspect was killed on Thursday in crossfire with the police two kilometers from the location of the attack. The police had launched an operation on Tuesday, and last Thursday 3 officers found a suspect resembling Cherif and tried to arrest him.

The suspect instantly tried to fire at the police but they were faster. The gunman fell to his death with a police bullet. The death of the gunman helped soothe the fears of the local people. Many witnesses breathed a sigh of reliving and as did Roland Ries, they mayor of Strasbourg.

He claimed that he is grateful that France can now be saved form such impending horrors. Till now 2 victims had died to the gunman’s bullet, but unfortunately, the third victim lost his life too. Police suspect the gunman as a militant in the Islamic group who targeted innocent civilians to carry out acts of terror.

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