Man Detained By Australian Police for Sending Hazardous Parcels

A 49-year-old man was detained by the Australian police on Thursday for sending around 38 parcels containing an unsafe material to the diplomats and the higher officials and consulates across the nation.
The US and British embassies and other offices of the various foreign consulates had received a dozen suspicious parcels on Wednesday. Savas Avan, the man who has been detained has been charged for sending harmful packages through the postal services of the country. Such an offence has a minimum penalty of spending 10 years in jail.
The police investigated into the matter and said that the parcels included asbestos a very popular construction material in earlier times. However, asbestos is also known for causing cancer and other painful lung diseases.
Until now the police have recovered 29 parcels and they are investigating the rest too. They did not give any other additional information about how this harmful material was packed and what the intention of the person accused was.
The accused that is presently under the Australian police custody is said to appear in court in the month of March. It has been announced that there was no threat to the general citizens.
The Australian Department of Foreign affairs and trade has already sent a mail to every foreign consulate office in the country after three embassies received the suspicious parcels. Every department has been informed and alerted and as of now there is no threat pertaining.

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