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Linda Sarsour Gets Criticized for Being a Muslim Brotherhood Ally

Linda Sarsour, an activist has been accused of being an extremist and having her roots to the Muslim Brotherhood. According to a document published, it can be seen the organization has been accused for molding the activist based on their ideology. Basically, the American activist Linda Sarsour’s thoughts were carved to such an extent that she has announced her ‘Jihad’ against the US President Donald Trump.


Like Linda, many others were also labeled as extremists; however, the document published tries to point out to the fact that the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood and other allied groups, such as the Hamas are looking forward to penetrate into the US.


The document has been written in the context of Saudi Arabia’s endeavor to fuse the relations with the Trump administration and their continuing battle with the Islamist and Qatari group. Moreover, the document tries to disclose the details of the appeal to attack Trump by US Muslim Sisters which is associated to Muslim Brotherhood. It is also provoking doubt that Muslim Brotherhood activists is trying to gain support for Democratic candidates.


Sarsour is a renowned activist, became a well-known face during the Obama administration. She even received the ‘hero of change’ award from Obama in 2012. The Obama award which was originally known as the “Champion of Change” is identical to the title of the first book Youth and Change that was taught by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual leader of Hamas.


It has been reported that Sarsour attended many activities of Muslim Brotherhood. For instance, she attended the International Network of Muslim Brotherhood in North America in 2016. During a speech about Trump, Sarsour was charged of using the term “jihad”. These terms are used by the Muslim Brotherhood teachings and also by al-Qaeda terrorist organization.


Muslim Brotherhood through activists like Sarsour is trying to spread terrorism all over the world.

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